5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Fall Decor Fresh and “Green with Envy”

Autumn is officially here in New Hampshire, along with pumpkin spice everything, foliage, and brisk sunny days. One of my favorite parts of living in New England is that we see a change of seasons. If you’re anything like me, you have already switched your flip flops for boots, your tanks for chunky sweaters and now it’s time to make the house cozy.

Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash.

It can be really easy to go overboard with your decor. This year, before you start to decorate, think of these mantras:

  • Buy less
  • Repurpose whenever possible
  • Buy used
  • Shop local and only buy quality items that will last for many years
  • Go natural

5 Ways to keep your home cozy and green this fall!

    1. Go with fall/winter colors that will last the majority of the winter and not just for a specific holiday.  Hunter green, orange, off white, and brown tend to lend themselves pretty well to changes and mix/matching.
    2. Photo found on Unsplash.

      Bring the outside in. Although a bouquet of flowers is always beautiful, take a hint from your surroundings and bring in some wild flowers, fresh greenery, and pinecones. The natural beauty of these work very well when paired with a simple glass vase/jar. When it gets colder, simply switch these out with a winter green such as balsam.

    3. Throw blankets and throw pillows make a world of a difference. Blankets cozy up a room almost instantly and throw pillows allow you to easily add/take away color and texture. Instead of buying a million pillows that will eventually end up in the trash, buy just a few quality pillows and several pillow covers to go with each season. Make sure the covers are washable.
    4. Use recycled items to make new things. In this blog, the author uses old sweaters to make the most adorable pumpkins. You could even fill them with pieces of cloth/clothing you already have.
    5. Think edible/compostable – if you can eat it then you can decorate with it. How about a dinner table set with a small artichoke on each plate along with chestnuts scattered through the middle?

I mean, why purchase a plastic pumpkin when a natural one looks more beautiful and can often times be eaten. I recently made dried fruit garland for my daughters birthday and we ended up keeping it up after the birthday party because we loved it so much.

Keep it simple and natural. Happy Decorating my Green friends!

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