51 Ways to Celebrate Summer in New Hampshire

Need some inspiration for some summertime activities? We’re over halfway through July, and there’s still a lot left to soak in. So while we’re still free of ‘back to school ads,’ pumpkin spice lattes, and changing leaf colors, I wanted to share a list of some of my favorite hot weather happenings.

  1. Go biking and explore your town

  2. Go biking and explore other towns

  3. Eat a lobster roll

  4. Eat a hot dog

  5. Spend a day like a tourist

  6. Enjoying a beer on the patio at 3S Artspace in Portsmouth

    Enjoying a beer on the patio at 3S Artspace in Portsmouth

    Drink a seasonal beer on a patio

  7. Play frisbee golf

  8. Play cornhole

  9. Learn how to make infused lemonade
    I highly recommend rosemary-infused lemonade. It’s delicious. Trust me.

  10. Go hiking
    For an easier hike with great views, check out our review on Mt. Major!

  11. Eat at a local ice cream shop

  12. Go on an ice cream tour
    As in, go to a bunch of different ice creams shops and eat as much as you can.

  13. Visit a state park
    For inspiration, look up our review on Rhododendron State Park!

  14. Go exploring in the White Mountains

  15. Run a 5k
    Check out this list of upcoming running events in the state

  16. Learn how to make infused lemonade

  17. Perfect a signature summer cocktail
    Or mocktail! Whatever your vibe is. This white peach gin fizz is worth checking out.

    Take in the views from Mt. Jackson

    Take in the views from Mt. Jackson

  18. Lay on a blanket in a park

  19. Read a book on a blanket in a park

  20. Have a picnic on a blanket in a park

  21. Explore a new place to swim

  22. Go kayaking

  23. Go boating

  24. Go canoeing

  25. Go to a farmers market

  26. Play catch

  27. Go to an outdoor concert

  28. Drive with all of your windows down

  29. Do outdoor yoga
    On the Seacoast? Check out Portsmouth Yoga in the Park!

  30. Go to a drive-in
    Check out drive-ins in Milford and Weirs Beach!

  31. Set up your own outdoor movie screening

  32. Attend an art fair

  33. Attend a local festival

  34. Go horseback riding

  35. Play Pokemon Go
    Joking. Well, if it gets you outside, then go for it.

  36. Learn how to cook an entire meal on the grill
    Vegetables! Sausages! Fruit!

  37. Blow bubbles

  38. Play miniature golf
    Check out a list of the state’s golf courses, here.

  39. Go for a walk along the beach

  40. Build a sandcastle

  41. Go berry-picking
    Don’t know where to go? We’ve got you covered.

  42. Make s’mores

  43. Go stargazing

  44. Have a bonfire

  45. Go to a baseball game
    Either Fisher Cats or other local teams. Maybe get a hot dog while you’re at it.

  46. Play bocce ball

  47. Play KanJam
    Learn more about this yard game, here

  48. Wear a really obnoxious, but really cool hat.
    The bolder, the better.

  49. Make a watermelon salad
    Trust me, it’s delicious.

  50. Eat strawberry shortcake

  51. Pretend like it’ll be summer forever.

    If we think hard enough, it’ll happen. Right?

Want to add to this list? Tell us how you’ll be celebrating summer 2016 in the comments!

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