603 Spotlight: Leah Drzewiecki


Leah Drzewiecki

Current City/Town:


Native City/Town:


Tell us a little bit about yourself.

For the past eight years I have been at SunDay’s Salon and Spa in Downtown Laconia as the Salon Coordinator, a Nail Technician and Make-Up Artist, everyday is different and I love that! I am also on the Board of Directors for Celebrate Laconia, as well as the head of their Marketing team.

Why did you choose to stay in New Hampshire?

I have always loved New Hampshire, but growing up I didn’t fully appreciate it. At eighteen, the plan was to go out of state to start my college career; unfortunately (and fortunately) that part of my path was cut short and I found myself back home. There were so many little things that I missed, and didn’t realize how much I enjoyed them until I was given a different perspective. It’s not just my home state, it’s my home.

Why did you choose to live in your current city/town?

There’s a big advantage to staying where you were born and raised. It’s this comforting familiarity with being so in tune to your surroundings. There is a lot of growth happening in the Lakes Region, especially Laconia; it’s incredible to see it happen as well as be a part of it.

What would you say to someone that is considering moving to New Hampshire?

Just do it! Fall time in New Hampshire, the lakes and the mountains? You won’t regret it!

Tell us some of your favorite places in the state or your region. i.e, restaurants, recreational or cultural activities, etc.

One of my favorite places to take a day trip to is Portsmouth, it’s got a little bit of everything! Start off at Strawbery Banke, head to The Friendly Toast for an amazing meal, then, of course, checking out my favorite shops; Bull Moose for vinyl, Water Monkey for the best hats and This Is Moonshine for the best accessories!

If money were not an issue, what would your version of a “perfect” day in the state look like?

I would attempt to do all of the amazing activities that draw so many people to our state. When you are from the state you live in you can easily forget about those great outings or places to visit. So, essentially play tourist for the day and see everything through a different lens.

Is there someone in the state that you would like to have coffee with? And why?

If he happened to be in the state, Steven Tyler. I’m very into music of the 70s and the 80s, and whenever a band is from New Hampshire or New England there’s a sense of pride. Can you imagine the stories?

Anything else that we may have missed that you would like to include?

Two and half years ago I started a fashion blog called Magic Mirror Style, and it’s my favorite creative outlet. I’m free to create and write to my heart’s content!

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  1. Ginny O'BenJune 1, 2020 at 10:59 am #

    I love this! Leah is right about the beauty of our state that we don’t always appreciate it.

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