9-5: Behind-The-Scenes At Calypso Communications

Caitlin Konchek | Calypso Communications | Portsmouth, NH

Caitlin Konchek | Calypso Communications | Portsmouth

Are you a creative who’s always dreamed of working in downtown Portsmouth? There are tons of amazing agencies in the Seacoast area that could be a great fit for you. Today, we’re going to take a behind-the-scenes look at one of them: Calypso Communications.

Caitlin Konchek is the Marketing Director at Calypso Communications, a strategic brand identity agency located in Portsmouth. Calypso creates marketing strategies that position brands for growth.

“We’re a collaborative team of do-ers and thinkers,” said Caitlin.

As Marketing Director, Caitlin, 30, develops and oversees marketing strategies for Calypso and its clients. She works with the creative team on brand identity projects, helps clients set up their HubSpot accounts, implements inbound marketing strategies, and more.

“No day is ever boring,” she said. “I enjoy helping our clients achieve their long- and short-term goals.”

Caitlin interned at Calypso while attending Keene State College. She was eventually hired as a full-time team member, and has been working there for nine years.

“It looked like a great company to be part of and I found out that it was,” she said.

Calypso Communications | Portsmouth, NH

Calypso Communications Team

According to Caitlin, Calypso is always looking to connect with talented, hardworking individuals. Company culture is incredibly important to the team and its success. So, if you apply to a role there in the future, be prepared to meet the entire team during the interview process.

“We have an amazing team of happy, creative, talented people,” said Caitlin. “I think the quality of the team plays a major role in everyone’s happiness at work. I’m so lucky to work in such a fun, collaborative environment.”

Caitlin, who lives in Dover with her husband and three Chihuahuas, loves working in NH. Between working in the gorgeous town of Portsmouth, having quick access to Maine and Massachusetts, and having the benefit of no state income tax, she enjoys her life both in and outside of Calypso.

To learn more about Calypso Communications, please visit its website.

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