9-5: How To Find (And Keep!) A Job You Love In New Hampshire

9-5: How To Find (And Keep!) A Job You Love In New Hampshire | Stay Work Play

Read below to learn from some of the state’s most successful professionals!

New Hampshire is an incredible place. Having easy access to oceans, mountains, and cities is only one feature that makes the state such a great place to live. But how do you find (and keep) a job that makes you just as happy as the land itself?

Over the past few months, the “9-5” blog series has collected some great advice from professionals across the state of New Hampshire on finding (and keeping) amazing jobs. Here are the some of the best tidbits of advice people had to offer:

Be a team player.

Alyssa Clarke-Cartwright, 25, is a marketing assistant at PortalGuard, a cybersecurity company based in Bedford. A key part of thriving at the company, she said, is working hard and being a team player.

“We have a great team who work tirelessly for our clients,” she said. “Everyone at the company has been so welcoming to my joining the team. I am a true believer that the people make a huge impact into the atmosphere of the company.”

(Read about Alyssa’s story here.)

Pay attention to the mission.

According to Nicole Martin, 35, a Career Advisor at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), one of the most important things you can do to succeed in her organization is to share its vision.

“Read our mission, vision, and values statements,” she said. “If you share them, begin living them in action within your current roles and as a steward of your community.”

(Read about Nicole’s story here.)

Be willing to get out of your comfort zone.

Sherwin Parkhurst, 33, is the Senior Vice President / Sr. Relationship Manager at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in its Middle Market Global Commercial Banking group.

“Keep an open mind and be willing to try something new,” said Sherwin. “People value experience from different roles or lines of business as much as simply tenure.”

(Read about Sherwin’s story here.)

Learn about the company culture.

Caitlin Konchek, 30, is the Marketing Director at Calypso Communications, a strategic brand identity agency located in Portsmouth. According to her, company culture is incredibly important to the Calypso team and its success.

“We have an amazing team of happy, creative, talented people,” said Caitlin. “I think the quality of the team plays a major role in everyone’s happiness at work. I’m so lucky to work in such a fun, collaborative environment.”

(Read about Caitlin’s story here.)

Put in the work but also have a little fun.

According to Garlyn and Mike Manganiello of Basic Ingredients Bakery and Gift Shop in Bristol, it’s important to bring a little fun into the workplace.

“We love free spirited folks with a good work ethic,” said Mike. “We are open to employees bringing their food experiences to the table… We love working collaboratively with our employees.”

(Read about Garlyn and Michael’s story here.)

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Myra Fontaine is a digital marketing intern for Paragon Digital Marketing, which is a small marketing and web development company based in Keene. She says that one of the most important things to remember when you get a job is to understand that it’s okay to ask for help.

“Be ready to work independently, but don’t be afraid to ask for guidance,” she said. “Trust that the people here will help you to the best possible outcome for the clients. Be ready to learn something new every day you are here.”

(Read about Myra’s story here.)

Myra’s not the only one who had to offer this piece of advice. Megan McLaughlin, 27, is the Operations Coordinator at Freedom Energy Logistics, which is an energy management and brokerage firm that assists commercial customers with navigating the New England energy market. She agreed that it’s important to ask questions when you’re not sure how to solve a problem.

“Too many people are scared of not knowing everything that they won’t learn anything,” Megan said. “Keep asking questions and you’ll learn something new every day.”

(Read about Megan’s story here.)

If you liked these tips, be sure to check out the full “9-5” blog series to read about more amazing professionals and companies in New Hampshire.

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