9 to 5: John Greene – University of NH Alum & Employee

john greene 3Fun fact about John Greene: he is a volunteer for the Stay Work Play Rising Stars Awards! Let’s see what else makes John super cool…

John currently resides in Newmarket, but he is originally from Amherst, NH. “I live right downtown and I love it. I feel like it’s a hidden gem on the Seacoast. The downtown has so much going on and it’s come a long way since I lived there in college.” (Anyone looking for a new place to live? Sounds like Newmarket is pretty awesome!)

John is the perfect example of staying, working, and playing in New Hampshire. He stayed here to study at the University of New Hampshire, where he majored in Environmental Conservation/Policy. Sounds fancy, huh?

Although when John was growing up he dreamed of being a magician, a teacher, and even a policeman, he ended up back at UNH working with many fellow alumni at the University’s Alumni Networks. “Essentially, I help our alumni build UNH communities and events all across the country.” And you thought UNH was small…

John has been working at UNH for 6 months now. “I love working for NH’s flagship university, especially as they are doing so many incredible things. I particularly love working with our terrific alumni who have such a passion for UNH and NH!” John told me.john greene

So why did John stay in New Hampshire? “I love that I have access to so many things. I am so close to the ocean, the mountains, the city, and so many great small towns! Plus, I found great opportunities in NH that allowed me to take on more responsibility at a younger age than I could ever do somewhere else.” Let me just say that this is the very reason that Stay Work Play exists!

How does John play in the Granite State? “I love getting outside! Hiking, biking, swimming, and skiing are all great here in NH.” 

The future John Greene? “Hopefully on NH’s Seacoast working for UNH and helping continue to make NH the best place to live!” Yes it IS the best!

Hey recent grads, here’s what a UNH alumni has to tell you: “Put yourself out there. Take every john greene 2opportunity to meet people and network. NH is a small state and people generally want to help young people in their careers. Cost of living and community make a big difference in your quality of life. Look at all the opportunities that NH has to offer before making your next move. And talk to someone you admire in the state as you plan your next step.”

Hey UNH alum! You don’t have to leave UNH for good, you can be a part of the Alumni Networks just like John!

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