9 to 5: Laura Harty – Recruiting Recruiters

Since Spring 2015, Laura Harty has been with HireAlliance, a recruiting agency that recruits recruiters. HireAlliance finds recruiters for both corporate companies and recruiting agencies. It sounds like mission impossible!

image1How it all began? Laura actually fell into recruiting and it wasn’t a part of her original career plan. She attended Johnson and Wales University where she studied business. “After college I actually did move to Virginia for a year where I managed a restaurant. I got super homesick and missed New Hampshire, which is what led me back home after a year of being down south!” Laura told me. She came back to her home state, and her position right after college was at Southern New Hampshire University doing more student recruitment and promoting SNHU. At that point, Laura didn’t know much about what a recruitment agency was. But then she was contacted on LinkedIn by one of the employees at HireAlliance, and that’s how it all started. (Yes, people, LinkedIn can connect you to your dream job, and Laura is proof!)


Now Laura herself uses LinkedIn on a daily basis to reach out to potential candidates and to build her network. What is a day like for Laura? “It’s always changing”, she said, “You have to come in with a plan, as the day can shift at any point.” She does a lot of self-promotion and she is not afraid to pick up the phone, which is a characteristic no recruiter should lack. “It is incredibly rewarding, bringing them to a job,” Laura talked about her experience with finding candidates their dream job. She is happy to connect people with jobs they love and she enjoys building and keeping those relationships with her contacts.

What she loves about HireAlliance is the “family feeling”. The owners, Dave and Jay, treat their employees extremely well. “You’re not just a number”, Laura says. They go to outings together and they also have a great holiday party, where the team and their families gather. The owners have been in the industry for 20+ years and she has learned so much in just the year and a half she has been there. There is no micromanagement, but the team is focused on training and development. She also loves the team she works with and thinks that enjoying the people you work with is key for happiness.

HireAlliance proves that is it possible to have a fun, family atmosphere, while still reaching success and seeing growth. They have clearly found their perfect balance, and they have happy employees to show for it.

In the future, Laura sees herself with HireAlliance, but more involved in helping it grow. She wants to be a part of their expansion to a national entity. Saying that she was involved in the expansion of HireAlliance would make Laura extremely proud. To help a company that has helped her so much is going to be a huge part of her future.

image3Outside of work, Laura enjoys hiking in the summer and snowboarding in the winter at Bretton Woods. She loves spending time on the Seacoast too, and exploring new parts of New Hampshire. She describes New Hampshire as a place where there is “always something to do”, and I can’t disagree! She is extremely happy with her choice to come back to New Hampshire because ­of the opportunities it has brought her. Laura knows that you don’t have to live in a big city to find a job you love that also pays well. You can do that right here at home!

Keep an eye out for opportunities with HireAlliance so you can join their family and help them grow too!

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