9 to 5: Lincross: Serving Up Jersey Style Subs (And More) In NH

When it comes down to it, managing LinCross Roast Beef and More is truly a family affair. A down-to-Earth sub shop located in Bristol, New Hampshire, LinCross proudly features fresh roast beef (their claim to fame), corned beef, and pulled pork, all of which are prepared and perfected in-house. Headed by manager Chris Labraney, LinCross prides itself on offering not only high-quality sandwiches like the Hog Heaven and the What’s It Gonna Beef, but savory soups as well. Some of their recent concoctions include Manhattan Clam Chowder, Stuffed Pepper, and Tomato Basil Bisque.

LinCross, which opened last June, is the brainchild of The Lingsch family. Hailing from Tom’s River, New Jersey, they have their own opinion of what sets New Hampshire apart from New Jersey and the rest of New England:

“New Hampshire is beautiful and clean. We like the way people still hold on to small town values and are willing to accept some of the modern world into their lives as long as it comes with a little common sense. Even now, we’re still in awe of the scenic views we see everyday.”

To say they know what a good sub looks (and tastes) like is an understatement, and their longing for a good sub upon relocating to the Granite State is what led them to start their business. Jodi Lingsch and her husband Chris run LinCross with the help of her two brothers, Chris and Will, and her three sons, Stratton, Jared, and Liam.

LinCross has a loyal following out of state, thanks to wholesale orders, and the family is hoping that their prime location, only a few miles from beautiful Newfound Lake, will continue to be a huge advantage this summer. As for what it has been like so far being a small business in the Lakes Region, Jodi and her husband had this to say:

“It’s been tough since the area is seasonal and therefore very dependent on tourism, but we’ve managed to make it through the winter simply through word of mouth. At first, locals came in with a degree of skepticism as many do not like change and some have accepted mediocrity and the same ol’ same ol’ as a norm. Our shop is in a good spot and we’re hoping that more signage will really open things up for us. We want to become a landmark for Bristol and see the town grow as a destination spot rather than just a place to pass through.”

Running a family business means spending some serious time together, so it’s a good thing that they all like each other! Stratton and his brothers believe that working for the family business is a great opportunity. One thing that motivates them is knowing that they’re contributing to their family’s success today, building a future for themselves and even the next generation of the family. Stratton and his brothers even plan to inherit LinCross in the future.

Everyone agrees that the cheesesteak is their favorite sandwich on the menu. The homemade cheese sauce assists in replicating the Philly Cheesesteak style they all know and love. Want to know a secret though?

All the sandwiches are amazing, so you really can’t go wrong!

Aside from living and working together, Stratton and his siblings play in a local rock band called Let Us Not Forget. They are a three piece band of brothers with Jared on guitar, Stratton on vocals and bass, and Liam on the drums. Currently, they’re working on recording an album and hope to play a lot more this summer.

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