9 to 5: On A Mission To Keep New Hampshire Clean

Mike Behrmann

Mike Behrmann

Are you passionate about reducing pollution, finding new sources of renewable energy, and increasing energy efficiency? You and Michael Behrmann, 34, have this in common.

Michael is the Director of the New Hampshire Clean Tech Council (NHCTC), which is a membership-based organization that advocates for and represents New Hampshire’s clean tech and clean energy business sectors. He started working with the organization because of its mission and focus to help bring more business, jobs, and clean tech to the state. His goal is to expand the clean tech industry within New Hampshire to create jobs and make the state a cleaner and more sustainable place to live.

“We’ve witnessed an enormous growth in the sector over the last decade, and their efforts to bring more of that growth and success to New Hampshire really intrigued and motivated me to participate,” said Michael.

As Director, Michael has the ability to work with clean tech business members and help them find ways to help grow their business, which ultimately allows the industry to bloom.

“Just as any business sector, there are a number of creative and exciting ways to bring about this industry growth,” said Michael. “Finding those ways and expanding opportunities is a challenging and rewarding job that keeps me excited every day.”

If you’re interested in moving into this field, you’re in luck. The clean tech and clean energy industry needs qualified workers in several different areas of concentration, according to Michael.

“Just because a person may not be an engineer doesn’t mean these businesses don’t need them,” he said. “There are so many ways we can work with these businesses, whether [you’re] a business major, knowledgable on finance, or have a background in marketing. This is an industry for all and is one of the fastest growing sectors of our economy.”

Keeping New Hampshire clean and making it a more sustainable place to live is important to Michael, not only because of his job, but also because of his love for the state.

“The quality of life found within the Granite State has overwhelmed me since I first stepped foot on the campus of the University of New Hampshire,” said Michael. “With easy accessibility to participate in just about anything anyone could want, it is easy to fall in love with the state….It goes far beyond that though, extending to the wonderful people found here, the opportunity to create something, and the incredible access we have to participate and in our communities.”

Learn more about NHCTC by visiting its website, and keep up on current news and developments in the clean tech industry by checking out Michael’s monthly column “Clean Tech Corner” in the New Hampshire Business Review.

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