9 to 5: Nia Manjunath and the Pelham Youth Council

Nia Manjunath has lived in the small, close-knit town of Pelham for 10 years, and according to her, this town is one where everybody knows each other and people in the community have great ideas. “It’s a wonderful town, the people are great, the school is awesome, and the teachers are so supportive” is how Nia described her home town that she loves so much.

image1Nia is a young girl with very big dreams. Her mom has taught her to “shoot for the moon”, and she certainly has lived up to that lesson by co-founding the Pelham Youth Council and setting goals for its expansion and prosperity.

The main purpose of the council is to give a voice to the students and the youth in the town of Pelham. The idea is that this will be a place to share ideas and concerns and to bring the community together. They have a constitution set up already and they been recognized by the board of selectmen, and now Nia and co-founder, Amy Spencer, are accepting applications and looking for eager people with the same vision for their town to join them.

The idea flourished when Nia’s economics teacher asked, “What does it mean to be a good citizen?” The class discussed that exercising your rights and speaking out are a big part, and Nia began to think that there should be a louder voice for students and youth in the community who have great ideas. She thought that even though they are young, their thoughts do matter in the community.

The thought is that council members will get together once a month or so and discuss ideas to make improvements in the town and take on different projects. One idea in the works is getting the town more active in recycling because they aren’t as involved in it as they should be. Another idea is to set up a community day, where the council will do small things to make big changes throughout the town, as simple as painting the lines on the tennis court when they have faded.image2

Nia has always been involved at school, but this is the first time she has started something from the
ground up, and even though it can be tough to find the time to put into it, Nia is excited for this organization to grow and see where it takes the town.

It almost felt wrong to ask Nia what career path she sees herself taking because she is still so young, but she let me know that she is the type of person who plans her life out, and she already sees a pretty clear path for herself. Although she always wanted to be a doctor, Nia fell in love with economics and hopes to study business and marketing and pursue a career in that field. With her integrity and that fact that she has started up this council, I can positively see Nia as a strong woman in business one day.

I was very impressed with how Nia came up with the concept for the Pelham Youth Council and at such a young age. It’s not all that common that a sophomore in high school strives to get the community together in such a way, and I think her efforts should certainly be recognized. With Nia’s efforts and ideas and her positivity, this council can really grow and do awesome things within the town of Pelham.

Email Nia at niamanjunath@gmail.com to get involved help strengthen the voice of the students and youth of the lovely small town of Pelham!

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