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Living in a quiet, set back area of Wilton, New Hampshire, Brandon sees New Hampshire as picture perfect. He loves to capture the changing of seasons through the lens of his camera. “The fall colors are beautiful to shoot. It is like the leaves give their last boom before dying off for the year.”Although this is the perfect time of year for his hobby, Brandon has been devoting his extra time planning his NH wedding with fiancé Lauren.


Ambition, hard work and communication are the not-so-secret sauce to the success Brandon has had with growth in the company. He has earned his spot as a Project Manager after just four years at Peniel Environmental in Wilton. Brandon’s job is anything but conventional. Brandon started out in the field taking care of hazardous materials such as mold, asbestos, lead, crime/trauma scene clean up, oil tank removals, fire and smoke restoration, water mitigation, sewage backups and more. “I love meeting new people and being able to go into all sorts of different places from small houses to big houses, different types of businesses and government buildings that most people would never get a chance to.”

BRandon 4Now, his job is on the road, which requires him to manage his time and know when to focus on project management, operations and estimating new jobs. Brandon ensures you feel comfortable with the upcoming project, giving you all the facts and guiding you as you make the tough decisions. “At first they (clients) see me and don’t think much of me because I am young but when I start talking, then they take me seriously. I am proud of where I came from, being immature and not knowing what to doBrandon 2 in my life, to where I am today being a sales person at a company that I will own in the future.”

Why you should consider this career? Well, “We go to so many different houses; you are normally never stuck in the same house for more than a week like you would be if you worked at an office.” In the past few years, Brandon’s business has brought him across all of New England and even to outlying states. He has personally traveled over 60,000 miles with his car.


A hidden gem in Wilton is the Hill Top Café. It is a small local farm that serves delicious food and a personal favorite of Brandon’s. PlayinBRandon 5g hockey, taking pictures, riding his motorcycle and visiting the beach or Lakes Region are a few of his many hobbies. But having a good time with good people is what Brandon enjoys the most. Horseshoe Rocks or Freefalls are great places for hanging out, leaping around rocks before jumping into the river. You may also find Brandon at Best Buy looking for movies or the latest camera or GoPro accessories. He also is a firm believer in donating blood. “I donate blood as often as possible because I am type O-negative.” A few things left on his bucket list: Sky diving, going on an underwater adventure and looking through a wreck (ships or planes).  

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