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A few months back I attended a Business Speak workshop that was presented by Stonyfield, NHBSR, Stevenson Kellogg, and 36creative. There was an awesome turnout and lots of great discussion on how New Hampshire can strengthen its workforce, motivate workers, and how we can best support millennials in the workforce. I learned a little more about what 36creative is all about and I was intrigued by what they do and who their people are.

Pete DiGeronimo, an employee of 36creative, spoke at the event, and being a millennial, his story was one I could relate to and so I wanted to reach out to him to speak further. Head Shot

Where He Began

Pete has been in New Hampshire all his life and currently lives in Portsmouth. Although he didn’t originally think he’d attend UNH, he did, and his first major was actually landscape architecture. Pete has always been a creative person and a lover of the outdoors. After a change of heart, Pete changed his major to a combination of small business management and recreation management and policy. Pete said he “wasn’t interested in the typical business culture” and that’s why he chose a major that is somewhat unusual. Back then Pete wasn’t 100% sure what it was he wanted to do, but he did know that didn’t want to be part of a big, corporate business. This was a very broad major, and with it many people get into event and hospitality management.

The Beginning of His Career

Pete graduated college in a time when the economy wasn’t so good. People his age didn’t have opportunities coming their way easily and Pete settled for anything he could find in order to have decent income and get his career going. Pete was doing exactly what he didn’t want to do by working for a large corporation where he had little freedom and barely saw his managers. This is not what Pete wanted to do, but he said it would have been “stupid of me to pass it up” in a time like that.

After Pete had enough of having a job he didn’t love, he realized he needed to be doing something more creative. He began his research on jobs that would allow him to utilize his background and love for art. It made him unhappy that he had been in a role where he wasn’t using creativity. He realized that the market for what he was looking for was small, and it was going to be tough, but he discovered 36creative and reached out to them right away. After a year Pete was finally onboard with 36creative.

The Next Step

36creative is a unique, strategic firm that focuses on brand development for a variety of clients in NH and beyond. Pete has worked at 36creative for a year and a half, where he began in the Account Management team as an Account Manager. The team runs all of the day to day functions of 36creative and acts as “the backbone of company.” He grew into the role of Strategic Partnership Manager and loves what he does.

What Pete loves about working at 36creative is “being trusted and empowered to do my own thing.” Pete hadn’t had the freedom of being creative in past experiences and he finally got to at 36creative. He says it’s a great feeling to have a say in how things get done. He says “it’s a lot of pressure, but that’s good.”

TuckermansPete is a “recreation based guy.” He skis as much as he can and loves the white mountains for skiing and snow shoeing. He’s also a part of a volleyball league with the NHSSC. For Pete, being involved in sports like that is a good way to be social and connect with people.

Pete is involved in different events, like the workshop I mentioned. When Pete’s not at work or being active, you can find him creating and building furniture and art in his woodshop. Pete enjoys networking with others around the state and tries to jump on those opportunities whenever he can. He’d like to get more involved with the Salem Chamber and continue to grow and network his organization.

Pete’s story is one that should be heard by all young professionals that are not happy with their current role. You might feel like you have to settle for a job because it gives you a paycheck that you need to pay off your loans, but you should never settle because you can’t replace the time you spent unhappy. Do what it best for you and never stop building your brand so you can get where you want to be!

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