9 to 5: Sierra – Motivated Marketer and Mommy

A meeting between one of the partners at Sierra Soucy’s Keller Williams office, Link, and Kate of Stay Work Play, on the subject of getting younger workers in the door, sparked interest in Sierra and her story of how she got where she is today with the company.

The First StepsIMG_2314

I’d heard that Sierra had an interesting story about transitioning from intern to employee at KW, and I wanted to hear more:

“I started as a social media marketing intern. My goal was to help the team leverage social media to gain brand awareness and engage with prospective clients! I really enjoyed the team atmosphere, and the Keller Williams office environment. When my internship was over, I was in the middle of graduating from UNH and also had my daughter two days after graduating! I kept in touch with the team over my maternity leave and Link told me about an opening for Marketing and Transaction Coordinator. I applied for the position and did some interviews and was hired!”

Her passion for business and marketing began at UNH, where she majored in Communications. “I felt this was a very well rounded and “open” major and that it wouldn’t limit my career choices.” She always thought she wanted to be in the marketing industry, and also thought about becoming a real estate agent, so Keller Williams is a perfect fit for her.

Sierra is a lover of hiking as well as the beaches in New Hampshire. “There is so much to do in NH, I don’t think it’s possible to be bored.” Couldn’t have said it better myself!

Growing with Keller Williams

For Sierra, there are two main reasons that KW is such a great place to work; the atmosphere and the flexibility. “I have a 10 month old, so it being our first winter with her, I was sick a lot. It was great to know that I could work from home at times when I needed to and not get fired for ‘calling out’ too many days. It’s really a fun and fast paced environment. I don’t think I have come into work and found myself saying I’m not busy or I’m bored. There is always something to do, there is always new people to meet and there is always new classes or things to learn.”

IMG_1275For Sierra, work life balance is everything, and she is happy to have found that at KW. “I wouldn’t say it was easy to get to where I am now, but it also wasn’t the hardest. I went to a local college, with the mindset that in 4 years time I would be out in the “big girl” world and needing to apply to a real job. I wasn’t going to get that at a college where I lived on campus and partied all the time. For me, it was a no brainer, I chose a commuter college so I could work full time and be able to make a living while attending school to finish my bachelors degree.” Having a baby wasn’t going to stop Sierra from finishing college, and so she pushed through and set an expectation to reach the Dean’s list…and she succeeded!

“I was the first hire on this team and so maybe I wasn’t making as much as I could have if I went somewhere else, or traveled to Boston. But one thing I would say replaces all that is the people and the flexibility and the kindness and generosity of the people I work with. Keller Williams alone, is a fascinating and fun company, but what our team is doing… makes it even better. Plus, our team events and fun outings sure are fun!”

Looking AheadIMG_1537

Five years from now, we will see Sierra growing with her company and team, maybe as an agent or running an admin/marketing (team operations) HUB. “Ideally, I would like to be in a leadership position or managing the onboard process of expansion locations.” As far as her personal life in 5 years: “More kids and living in NH!”

Sierra wants young workers and those who will soon be in the workforce to understand that “working for nice people is the best thing”, and that there is a lot more to look at than just pay and benefits…because that’s often what recent grads focus on. She believes that the culture and the people are so much more important, and she is grateful to have the opportunity to work with such amazing people at KW, and even more grateful to be able to wake up to her daughter every day and have that work-life balance she always wanted.

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