9-5: The Unexpected Power Of An Internship

Myra Fontaine, Paragon Digital Marketing

Myra Fontaine, Paragon Digital Marketing

When you think of an internship, does your mind automatically think about making coffee runs for stuffy executives who don’t know your name? You’re not alone. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t AMAZING internship opportunities out there that can help you gain real work experience, meet wonderful people, and propel your career. Myra Fontaine, a New Hampshire native, was pleasantly surprised to score one of those internships… right down the road.

Opportunity Is Everywhere (You Just Have To Look For It)

Myra is a digital marketing intern for Paragon Digital Marketing, a small marketing and web development company based in Keene. After working hard over the summer, she’s excited to have the opportunity to work remotely from Bryant University, where she’s pursuing her Bachelors in Business Administration with a Concentration in Marketing and Minor in Psychology.

“I won’t lie,” she said, “I was surprised to find this great digital marketing company in little old Keene. I always thought I’d have to leave home to have a successful marketing career. Turns out Paragon was just down the street the entire time.”

Learning REAL Skills On-The-Job

A big part of Myra’s job includes creating content and managing social media. She also helps out with pay-per-click campaigns and web-development projects. But when she started her internship, she said she wasn’t sure what to expect.

“I was ready to sit back, watch and take notes,” she said. “Instead, I’m doing a lot of (guided) hands on work for different clients, and I take on more responsibility as my knowledge in this field grows.”

Gaining A Better Understanding Of The Marketing Field

According to Myra, digital marketing is ever-changing and constantly growing, which is something she loves about working in the field.

“Digital marketing continues to grow year after year, and so does Paragon,” she said. “To be successful online, businesses need to fully optimize their websites while growing a healthy digital presence around the web. Paragon helps businesses do just that.”

Being apart of this booming and challenging industry has triggered an aggressive curiosity in Myra that’s not only helping her succeed, but is also revealing her passion for the work.

“I’ve been researching and learning everything my brain can absorb about digital marketing this summer, and it has really set the foundation for a successful career,” Myra said.

Working In A Great Environment

In addition to the work itself, Myra said she enjoys the flexible work schedule that comes with the job. According to her, the quality and completion of her projects is more important to her team than the hours spent working on them. This, coupled with the laid back culture, was an unexpected surprise for Myra.

“I never knew fun and professional could coexist in a company,” she said. “…I came for the experience but stayed for the company culture. I knew I would learn a TON and was excited to see what digital marketing was really like.”

Feeling Accomplished

But her absolute favorite part of the job? The glory of seeing the finished project.

“Nothing is more satisfying than offering something up to the world and being able to say ‘I did that,’” she said.

Moving Forward And Helping Others

In Myra’s eyes, Paragon is the “epitome of a successful, growing, and forward thinking New Hampshire business.” That’s why when she was offered the opportunity to continue working from school, Myra took it without hesitation. And, because the company is growing, she wanted to share some advice with those who might be interested in working there.

“Be ready to work independently, but don’t be afraid to ask for guidance,” she said. “Trust that the people here will help you to the best possible outcome for the clients. Be ready to learn something new every day you are here.”

If you want to learn more about Paragon, please check out the company website.

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