9 to 5: Vintage Is Always In Style At The Quince and Quail

For New York state native Maxwell Corbett and Anthony Adamsky (born and raised in the Granite State), the art of antiquing is truly all in the family. The Quince and Quail, a quaint storefront located on Plymouth’s well-traversed Main Street, is a dream realized for two members of Plymouth State University’s Class of 2013.

Anthony’s love of unique objects with undercover stories stemmed from spending time with his grandfather, an antique enthusiast who was particularly fond of oriental rugs and furniture. Also, both Max and Anthony have sentimental memories of visiting various antique shops with their loved ones while they were growing up. With a desire to become small business owners and a mission to educate the community about the fascinating history behind antiques, The Quince and Quail became a reality for Anthony and Max.

The shop houses antiques and curios from the 18th century through the mid 20th century, which allows browsers and buyers the opportunity to stumble into an impromptu history lesson from the shop’s owners. Max and Anthony, art history and history experts respectively, aim to emphasize the importance of historical context and storytelling in the world of antiques. From a proprietary perspective, The Quince and Quail allows people to make a genuine connection to the past, which is truly valuable in our constantly evolving society.

Anthony says his favorite piece in the shop at the moment is a framed photograph of a gaggle of sailors at Charlestown Navy Yard in 1918. He says the picture was taken just three days after the end of World War I.

Aside from a sentimental attachment to the town and campus, Anthony and Max chose to open up shop in Plymouth for one particular reason: to entice a younger audience with the charm and buzz-worthiness of vintage wares. According to the owners, it’s the clothing that draws 20 and 30-somethings into The Quince and Quail. On a broader scale, Max and Anthony chose to open their shop in Plymouth, and New Hampshire overall, because of the overwhelming support and camaraderie that they have experienced since becoming small business owners.

And the supportive nature of the business community in Plymouth doesn’t stop there, as Anthony and Max named Thai Smile, just a little while down the road from The Quince and Quail, their favorite restaurant in the area. A wide range of vegetarian options is what sold the pair on Thai Smile, but they certainly enjoy helping out their friends on Main Street as well.

In their free time, Max and Anthony enjoy searching for new items for their shop at antique stores and flea markets all over New Hampshire. When they aren’t antiquing, you can find the pair hiking Mt. Cardigan and Rattlesnake Mountain.

To keep up with Max and Anthony, follow them on Instagram @thequinceandquail and like The Quince and Quail Facebook page!

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  1. CoreyMarch 8, 2017 at 8:11 am #

    The Quince and Quail is an awesome shop on Main Street in Plymouth! Great post, Shannon!

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