9-5: Working Where You Thrive, Loving Where You Live

Megan McLaughlin | Freedom Energy Logistics

Megan McLaughlin | Photo submitted by: Freedom Energy Logistics

There are few people out there who have the luxury of bragging about where they work AND where they live. Megan McLaughlin is one of those lucky individuals.

Megan, 27, is the Operations Coordinator at Freedom Energy Logistics, which is an energy management and brokerage firm that assists commercial customers with navigating the New England energy market. And she loves being able to work in the state she grew up in.

Why Do You Love Working In New Hampshire?

According to Megan, working in New Hampshire is the “ideal situation” for her.

“I love leaving the office and knowing that I can be outdoors hiking, fishing, or mountain biking within the half hour,” she said. “Being that close to outdoor activity, especially [being] surrounded by wooded paths and similarly minded people, keeps me here.”

Why Do You Love Your Job?

Megan started working at Freedom Energy Logistics after graduating from the University of New Hampshire in 2012 with a BA in Anthropology and Justice Studies. With the support of her team, she went on to earn her MS in Justice Studies in 2015 and her MBA in 2016, both from SNHU.

When it comes to her role at Freedom Energy Logistics, she said she’s kind of a “jack-of-all-trades.” She said that she enjoys the everyday challenges, family oriented atmosphere, and client relationships that come with her job.

“For me, working in Operations means I’m never really doing the same task twice,” she said. “Some days it’s marketing, and other days are devoted to web development.  It’s the never-ending challenge of not knowing what I’ll learn today that keeps me looking to going to the office.”

What Advice Would You Share With Future Employees?

In order to succeed at Freedom Energy Logistics, you need to “be open and honest,” according to Megan. You have to be comfortable asking questions when you need help working through a problem.

“Too many people are scared of not knowing everything that they won’t learn anything,” Megan said. “Keep asking questions and you’ll learn something new every day.”

You can learn more about Freedom Energy Logistics by visiting its website.

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