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Ok 9 to 5 “be jealous.” I got the chance to flip the tables on a very exciting and passionate young professional Michael Brindley; the Newscast Producer/ Reporter for none other than the amazing New Hampshire Public Radio.

Michael’s office is what I imagine Hunter S. Thompson wished he had it’s modern and sleek where you can only imagine the amount of action, buzz and information that drips off of every surface with the faint hum and whisper of the tireless NHPR sound streaming. Ok I may have geeked out a bit but there is no more exciting place on earth then the news room of NHPR.photo 1

Michael started with the company in November 2012, “I listened to NHPR, had been on The Exchange a couple times as a guest/reporter discussing the education beat. It was always a place I kept an eye out for if a position ever opened.”

After applying and making the decision to leave his then eight year position with the Nashua Telegraph he went full-steam ahead into a very rigorous interview process, “After the first initial interview they had me meet with the reporting team, producers and Exchange members. I initially thought, “Wow, what a great process to have this entire team collaborate on who they were hiring. It made me feel like I was making the right decision to join an environment that was so collaborative and had this great momentum to build an energetic atmosphere. I like that aspect of feeling like it was more of a team and everyone’s input was valued.”photo 4

After being offered the new role, Michael left his position as Metro Editor for the Telegraph, “Although there was no shortage of stories to cover as the Editor I missed working directly with people and it was time for me to find a new creative outlet with a new day to day challenge. “

“This is a new position NHPR created last year and I can basically take on many different hats, from blogging a live news feed while we have special guests to sending tweets about breaking news. This position is what I make of it within reason, but they have allowed me to stretch and grow it in many directions. Being able to do a story because you think it’s interesting is definitely a perk of working for NHPR or in my position, having the freedom to incorporate things you want to do or are interested in makes it feel less like a job.  For instance, last Friday night White Birch Brewing Company was hosting the Southern NH Brewers Festival, I decided to head over and pull a photo 3small segment together about the event.”

Being from Nashua, NH Michael wanted to stay close to family and work. He attended Keene State College and graduated in 2003, “One of the biggest reasons I chose Keene State was because they had a journalism degree, I knew it was what I wanted to pursue and after visiting the school I could tell that they had very passionate professors looking for someone who was passionate about journalism.”

During college while working at the school newspaper the Equinox took an internship with the Derry News, he waited out for the chance at a full time position, “Once I graduated it took a few months, however, they had an opening and that was my first position out of college. It pays to have an internship, having someone know you can do the work before entering the work force is a huge asset when leaving school.”

photo 2Michael moved to Londonderry recently with his super busy wedding photographer fiancée Kate and pug Buster. Fiancée Kate is the Co-Owner of TheStudio Nouveau with her business partner Lara. When he is not working, “We (me and Kate) enjoy going out to Cucina Toscana in Nashua. It’s a great small Italian restaurant, it’s also where I proposed to Kate and it has become a special place for us.”

“We plan on staying in NH and raising our family here. We enjoy southern NH staying close to family in the area.”

NHPR has a long standing history of employing many of the great minds in our community and that is no exception with Michael! You can listen to Michael and the entire NHPR crew every day at www.nhpr.org.

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