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During my recent adventure to find young professionals working for amazing companies I count myself lucky to have had the opportunity to meet with Kelly Farnsworth at Life Share Management Group Inc.

Walking up to Life Share Management Group on Rogers Street in Manchester, I was greeted by a fire engine red front door and a beautiful repurposed brick address. Where the words Life Share Management Group, Inc. are printed on the front, inside is a company with a passionate mission, “Life Share is dedicated to developing exciting new services that are enhancing the lives of persons of all abilities. By fostering our commitment to innovation and creativity within our own organization, we are vastly expanding the possibilities for the individuals we support and our employees. We believe every person has value and our relationships are based upon compassion, respect and dignity.”

They are working toward getting much needed services to the Manchester area community members, recently Life Share has moved to a new location on Rogers Street where the newest member and an impressive young professional works.

Kelly Farnsworth began working with Life Share during a temporary assignment this winter and once showing the company that they couldn’t live without her outgoing personality and ability to take on any project, they offered her a full time position as the Front Desk Administrator.

Kelly grew up in Manchester, NH and attended Central High School, she worked several positions from Paper Girl to a Dietary Aid looking for the opportunity to work for a company with a mission such as Life Share, “I love the mission statement and everything they do, it’s everything I’ve always felt like I wanted to represent. They believe that every person should be treated equally and it means a lot to me.”

When Kelly began with the company she was unsure if they would have a place for her long-term however after taking on everything they threw at her she demonstrated that she wanted the opportunity more than anything.

“I love the day-to-day challenges; with having so many people come through our doors, we never know what’s coming or who’s going to call. If I can get people to smile when they leave I feel that I’ve really accomplished something.”

She recently became a first time home owner with her fiancée, two cats Mr. Pickle, Mr. Chips and a 5-year-old Shetland Sheltie, named Charlie. “We love our nice quiet country space in Londonderry; we loved Manchester however we were looking for local farms and country space. We loved the idea of being able to go somewhere close to get locally made products.”

“One of our favorite places is Wilson’s Farm; I’ve loved them since I was little now they are only 5 minutes away in Litchfield.”

When Kelly is not at Life Share you can find her outdoors, “I actually love just hiking the White Mountains. My family and I have always had those traditions; it’s important for me to give back, respect the land and enjoy the little things.”

Kelly is looking forward to a lot of things this summer from heading up north with her fiancé to going to some of her favorite restaurants. “We get this relaxing feeling the further we get away from Manchester, the more relaxed we get as for dinners out we love the Red Arrow.”

When asked what makes her feel most accomplished or what are some goals she has for herself in the near future Kelly simply said, “I think just getting to this moment where I am today, from going to college, owning a car, a home and doing it on my own. When I talk with people about how I get to all my small goals, I feel very accomplished.”

Kelly took us on a tour of the offices of Life Share, down the brand new shinny wood floors and beautiful colored glass light fixtures, to the hang-out space for kids with bean bags, to Kelly’s four wall office with her welcoming reception window to greet all the guests of Life Share.

It’s an amazing hidden gem in the heart of Manchester; connect with Kelly and the LifeShare team at lifeshareinc.org

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