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In the search to find young professionals staying, working, and playing in New Hampshire, I wanted to connect you all with a young professional attempting to have it ALL in the Granite State.charlee4

Charlee-Ann Charron’s office is any number of locations however she can usually be found in her inspired apartment overlooking the passionate city of Portsmouth burning the midnight oil as the National Merchandising Coordinator for Little Duck Organics(LDO).

“LDO has officially grown into the coolest company serving the four-feet-and-under crowd in the coolest borough in New York. Back in 2009, with two new baby girls, Zak Normandin- Owner, Creator, Imaginator was working on being a new dad when he noticed that all the baby snacks on the shelves at his local market were full of junk fillers and extra sugar.  So he asked himself that age-old question every man aspiring to supreme dadness asks himself: “What would Cliff Huxtable do?” The answer? Easy: make no-sugar-added snacks using the most nutritious natural ingredients out there. Then recruit amazing people to tell the world about it.”

charlee7Charlee started with LDO when they were first in Newburyport, MA. However when head quarters decided to move to Brooklyn, NY, she with her amazing boss (Zak) helped her keep Portsmouth her home base. “I do work from home usually everyday, but try to get out once in a while for a change of scenery. It’s extremely sad when you look forward to your daily FedEx trips so you have someone to talk to. I love working downtown at Breaking New Grounds or Book & Bar but I’m easily distracted. I think working at home is a good thing for me, I’m extremely productive on my own.”

Charlee moved to Campton, NH when she was 7 with her two entrepreneurial parents, they purchased her grandfather’s business Chesley’s Mini Mart and made it into one of the must-stop shops when heading to the North Country. After high school Charlee chose a few different schools before making the best choice to attend Plymouth State University, “I chose PSU because the tuition was far more affordable and I felt that the education I was receiving was better than the other schools I had previously attended. I switched schools three times, gave up an academic scholarship, and still graduated in four years with very little debt (thanks to my parents and in-state tuition) with what I feel to be an amazing education.”

After college Charlee’s first job, “was…. wait for it… BARTENDING! And I honestly miss it most days. In a perfect world, I would be able to do both. But I think my experience prepared me for this position little duck(working with LDO), you learn so many amazing things from being in the service industry: patience, efficiency, interpersonal skills; the list goes on. I think everyone should have to work in the service industry at some point in their life, make it a requirement, like taking Driver’s Ed.”

Charlee took on many different opportunities and eventually found herself moving to the Seacoast, “I can thank one of my best friends for making me choose Portsmouth as a home. I was ready to move out to California (as many 22-year-olds are at some point) and she convinced me to move to the Seacoast. She had just gotten an amazing job here and needed a roommate and I was willing to go anywhere at that point. I got an amazing bartending position at Surf Seafood on Bow St., met the most amazing people, and absolutely fell in love with the area.”

LDOWith her college degree in hand Charlee began her job search stumbling upon LDO’s craigslist add for an Account Manager.  They called her three weeks later and she found herself sitting a room with the owner Zak. “I left the interview thinking wow… ok I didn’t get that, they had told me that they had interviewed a lot of people for the position. I sent them a thank you letter, letting them know how much I wanted the position and they called me that day saying we were just waiting for your thank you letter, you got the job.”

Since then Charlee has created her own little human, Tullach Jonathan, or “Tully” for short, “He has shaken up everything in the best way possible, having the comfort of working from home is amazing and getting to be there for all the big and small moments is awesome.”

When Charlee isn’t snuggling with her adorable tiny man or with her other number one man Jesse you can usually find her at her favorite hang outs in Portsmouth, “DEFINITELY a toss-up between the Daniel St. Tavern and The Press Room; basically one extreme to the next. DST is a total dive bar, very reminiscent of bars in my hometown while the Press Room is full of hipster artists listening to great live music every night. I like to people watch at both, it’s amazing.”

charlee6Little Duck Organics although not a New Hampshire based company is still employing one very impressive young professional. Check out all of their exciting news and their lip-smacking treats at littleduckorganics.com or on their many interactive social medias.

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