A Day of Beer

Take a bus full of college seniors, add three New Hampshire breweries, and a group of your closest friends, and you get how I spent my Saturday.

End of the year activities for seniors at Plymouth State has officially begun and was kicked off with a tour of three popular breweries in the seacoast area: Throwback Brewery, Smuttynose Brewing Company, and Redhook Brewery.

Throwback Brewery

Unknown First up on our day of beer was Throwback Brewery in North Hampton. As our large coach bus pulled up to the old barn I thought for sure we were in the wrong place. To my surprise, as we stepped inside I was happily mistaken. The 1860’s barn had been restored to a full service restaurant and bar with a brewery in the back.

Throwback is dedicated to making “farm-fresh” beer and even collects all of the ingredients within 200 miles of the brewery. They are all about paying homage to the past, but also about throwing back beers and celebrating life with your closest friends. 

And that is just what we did! Our stop at Throwback wasn’t your typical brew tour experience, but our time there was spent sampling their most popular beers and socializing with some of our closest friends.

Smuttynose Brewing Company

Next we were off to the brand new headquarters for Smuttynose in Hampton.
As you drive up the long Towle Farm drive way, you see the large, modern barn complete with an attached silo. When you walk in you’re greeted by that familiar Smuttynose Seal and a merchandise shop with everything from stickers to sweatshirts.

Our tour started with some details about the company’s rich New England history. Did you know Smuttynose is one of the islands on the Isles of Shoals? It got its name from the large amount of seaweed which was known back in the day as smutty and the peninsula shape of the island. Hence, Smuttynose!

From there we went back into the production room. It was clear our tour guide had a passion for microbrews and told us the science of creating craft beer. Although it was a Saturday and the operation was shut down, it was very exciting to be in the space where some of my favorite brews are created!

After our quick science lesson, it was time for samples! Large wooden tables filled in the area and eight drafts lined the bar waiting to be tried. My favorite, Findest Kind, was there, but others such as Really Old Brown Dog, Hayseed, and Kindest Find were also available. The samples also included a draft from Smuttlabs, Kisses and Kittens.

Smuttynose lived up to all of my expectations. I’m excited to check out their in house restaurant, Hayseed this summer. And don’t forget, “Make mine a Smutty!”

Redhook Brewery

Unknown-6 Our last stop on our seacoast brewery tour, was at Redhook Brewery in Portsmouth. As we entered the restaurant, our group was brought upstairs to one of their private event spaces. Tables, chairs, food, and most importantly, beer, was waiting for us upon our arrival. 

After lunch, we headed over for the tour of their factory. I was excited to learn that Redhook got its start in Washington state. After becoming wildly popular on the west coast, the company decided to offer the east coast the same great taste and touched down in Portsmouth, NH in 1996. From there the company has expanded every year and now hosts massive events such as Redhook Fest and the Redhook 5k Road Race.

Our tour finished up with four samples of their most popular beers and a souvenir sampler glass to remember our time at Redhook.

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