A Film During a Flight

…but probably not the kind you’re thinking of.

Rockingham Brewing Company is a lovely little brewery nestled in an industrial corner of Derry, NH. The tap room is small but cozy, with lots of seating options including picnic-style tables and an actual bar.

I paid my first visit to Rockingham Brewery in early December for an event in their series, Flight and Film. The cleverly named series features one event per month where for about $15, you get to watch a classic movie, enjoy two FLIGHTS of beer (in case you are not familiar, this is no small amount of beverage), along with popcorn and fun seasonings.

The film in December was It’s a Wonderful Life, which is one of my all-time favorite holiday movies. With snow on the ground outside, tasty beer and popcorn on the table, and friends giggling at the mildly inappropriate jokes from 1946 (!?!), it was such an enjoyable evening. I found the event through their Facebook page and learned that they do these events monthly! I immediately filed that in my things-to-do-in-the-heart-of-winter playbook.

A few weeks later, I reached out to the brewery and they are tentatively planning to show Groundhog Day in February, and have plans to continue the series indefinitely! Follow them on Facebook or their website to stay up to date.

I don’t pretend to be a beer expert by any means, but I really enjoyed the beer selection that they served us. For being such a small brewery, they have an excellent variety of beers that they rotate pretty frequently. We were provided with a menu for the flights when we checked in; we received 4 beers when we arrived, and 4 during the film’s “intermission” which was also critical for restocking our popcorn supply.

As mentioned, I’m no beer connoisseur but I really enjoyed the Drunk Pumk (which none of us could pronounce, but agreed that this was one of the best pumpkin beers we had tried!), Rockingham Ale, and the Winter Wonderham. I always appreciate clever names and puns of any kind, so they get an A+ from me on their menu and selection.

If weeknight movie nights aren’t your thing, maybe you should reconsider, or just plan a different time to visit Rockingham Brewing Company. Everyone there was super friendly and they have a beer for everyone. Coming up on January 21, they are also having a birthday party for their brewery dog and some of the proceeds from the party will go to the Animal Rescue League of NH!

Visit the brewery and taproom at One Corporate Park Drive #1 in Derry on Thursday & Friday 4-7 pm, Saturday 12-7 pm, and Sunday 12-4 pm.

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