Adjusting your playing style

change-management11So far 2014 has been off to a wild and crazy start! I love the way this year has gone and how it is shaping up for the remainder. Some things that I would say in life is to “expect the unexpected”, “it’s not all part of the plan” or lastly, “be able to go with the flow”. No matter what I thought 2014 was going to bring at the end of December a few months back, all of it has flipped upside down in a matter of weeks and I have had to adapt.

First let me start with big life decisions. My wife and I intended to buy a house this year. We got married last year, are firmed up in our jobs, have some savings set aside, and would love to be home owners. This was a plan we had in place well over a year ago, carefully budgeting and planning out a timeline of when our savings would match our readiness to enter the world of homeowner-ship-ness…… Anyway, after revisiting our budgeting plans (our dog’s surgery and car troubles resulted in dipping into our home fund) we realized it would be a better move to continue saving (you can never have enough of this) and proceed with decreasing our debt. There was no reason for us to jump into buying a home because we had set a plan up, we need to fully be ready for this. So for now we stay where we are, knowing we will look back and be happy for these years that we rented a large home with two of our best friends.

Next, let’s talk about work. Towards the end of last year, I was informed my role at SilverTech would slowly begin to shift from solely a biz dev representative to a full blown Account Manager. This news was very exciting to me, as I had a wonderful first year with SilverTech, and in the midst of major growth, project, and process changes, this new role is a great fit. I truly get to do what I wanted to do with this company, and that’s to work with current and future clients on their overall digital marketing plans. What a deal! With no complaints whatsoever, the unexpected here, is the actual change in job function. My day to day is very different than it was for the previous 13 months, and that has taken some time to adjust. All for the right reasons, and with lots of new accounts to work with, I have truly enjoyed the challenge thus far, and am amped for the new demands of the job and requests from our partners!

Lastly, I will talk about lifestyle choices. We always set goals to live healthier lives by exercising more eating better, yadda yadda yadda, and then those plans slow down and we go back to our previous habits that we were trying to change. Well this year has seen both my wife and I get back on the activity wagon we were on before our dog had surgery. Those months of rehab for her, really set us back, and we didn’t even notice it. Now the dog is healthy again, se we are getting back in the groove. Between our winter outdoor activities, Jazzercise for Lindsay, and more occasional trips to the gym for me we are on the right track. The goal here is to not let that slide. As much as we try to plan these activities, we really need to seize the moment and just do it. As we get older, we see we aren’t our 18 year old self anymore, so we have to adjust these practices to match what we are capable of doing. This is tough to digest as you get older.

As human nature dictates, we like to have an idea of what’s going on or what is going to happen. We try to plan for these things, but ultimately life happens and you adjust. I think all the things I listed above are very positive towards my life and happiness. Bottom line is no matter what you think is going to happen, always be ready to change.

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