Ahead of the Curve in the North Country

My future lumberjacks!

My future lumberjacks!

I’m pretty certain that even though the recent article on “Lumbersexual. The fine art of distinguishing New Hampshire’s real men” was fairly tongue-in-cheek, it does showcase some of the current trends have been tradition here for some time.

We don’t let a little cold weather stop us but we do have to be outfitted properly. For your own gear, check out some of these North Country based stores:

We also value local food and goods. You must check out farm-to-table restaurants at The Wentworth in Jackson and Margarita Grill in Glen or one of the many farmers’ markets in the area. You can also visit NoCoNek; an organization that helps people support local area businesses and services by connecting them to a directory of available artisans and services.

So hopefully you already own your uber-popular L.L. Bean boots so put them on and go enjoy a little sub-zero adventure!

What North Country inspired fashions or traditions do you enjoy?

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