ahhh the birds are chirping…

and the ducks are quacking?

shop smallLooking ahead at the 10-day forecast this time of year is always awesome- even the low temps are enjoyable.

We’ve been doing a lot of yard work and outdoors activities lately and it gets me thinking- what else can we do? I am hungry for more.

Well, if you live in the Manchester area and haven’t yet ventured to Goffstown Ace Hardware, get off your butt and go down there. It’s not your typical hardware store, they have everything you need for gardens and farms and pets. It’s heaven. Not to mention you’re shopping local and they have complimentary popcorn and a kids’ craft areas!

Anyhoo, on my weekly trip this past Saturday I was lucky enough to see their baby chicks and ducklings (the only reason I didn’t bring any home is because they had all been accounted for).order chicks

I grabbed a manager and picked his brain for a few minutes on raising them both, and he was an encyclopedia. He told me to check out their website for the info sheet and order form.

Now, there is some urgency in this blog, as today is the last day to order chicks and other bird babies to have them by the end of May.

Chicks obviously grow up to be chickens, and require a coop and other accommodations, but ducks on the other hand are a much more low-maintenance pet (if you have a pond, which we do). Feed them, and they’ll stay. Magic.

A great resource I’ve stumbled upon is Backyard Chickens, so if you’re thinking this is a wagon you’d like to hop on, check out some of their articles.

Do any of you already have chickens or ducks at home? If so, I’d love some pointers!

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