AMC High Mountain Huts Closed For The Remainder of 2020

The AMC (Appalachian Mountain Club) has made a statement regarding the closure of all AMC High Mountain Huts for the remainder of the 2020 season. They stated that guests may rebook their trip for 2021 or move their existing reservation to another AMC facility. Guests with a lodge-to-hut trip are able to move their visit to a lodge, receive a credit to be used within two years, or receive a full refund. This closure includes AMC’s White Mountain Hiker Shuttle and Little Lyford Lodge and Cabins in Maine.

Find more information regarding the impact of COVID-19 and the Appalachian Mountain Club here.

AMC’s Lakes Of The Clouds Hut

So… what does this mean for hikers?

As part of a phased opening approach in alignment with Maine and New Hampshire State Parks, the White Mountain National Forest will be opening most trail heads on the forest. Since the AMC made their announcement on the huts being closed for the remainder of 2020, many hikers and campers have been forced to cancel or postpone future reservations that were made prior to the pandemic.

If you are planning to hike and camp this summer it is always extremely important to be prepared. The hut system has offered hikers a bunk for the night, hot meal, reliable water source, and restroom facilities for over 125 years. Hikers rely on the huts for the convenience and accessibility to running water, means of shelter, and a go-to spot to stop for lunch during on a day hike. Hikers will need to be self reliant as ever without these amenities being readily available.

AMC’s Lakes Of The Clouds Hut

Bring extra food and water.

If you are planning a weekend or multi-day backpacking trip it’s a good idea to invest in a camp stove to cook meals. The AMC huts have offered a hot meal to hikers for decades, and without the comfort of making a quick stop in for lunch, plan on packing your own meals, snacks, and water. Use a water filter or purification tablets when filling up from the flowing streams that run throughout the forest.

Great Gulf Wilderness

Know before you go.

Check for trail closures, campsite closures, and any updates posted by the White Mountain National Forest before heading out on any hike.

Check the weather.

It’s important that you always keep a close eye on the weather before heading out on any day hike or backpacking trip. Avoid planning your trip during rain or stormy weather and know when to call it quits.

Zealand Trail Junction

AMC High Mountain Huts

  • Greenleaf Hut – 4,200
  • Lakes Of The Clouds Hut – 5,000
  • Carter Notch Hut – 3,300
  • Madison Spring Hut – 4,810
  • Zealand Falls Hut – 2,400
  • Galehead Hut – 3,800
  • Lonesome Lake Hut – 2,760
  • Mizpah Spring Hut – 3,800
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