Artist Spotlight: Don’t Bug Out, It’s Just Bug

I’ve always been drawn to multi-faceted makers. As an interdisciplinary artist myself, I understand the feeling of being pulled into many art forms, and the allure of possibilities. There is another component to a great maker though that I’ve been reflecting on lately, and that is collaboration. Today I’d like to share one of the biggest collaborators I’ve ever met: Bug. 

His name is what?

Ok, his name is not really Bug. But it’s the name he wants the world to know. Bug is a Manchester, NH based musician, artist, and writer who simply creates awesome stuff. For the purpose of this article, I’m going to focus on his musical pursuits, but all his creative disciplines are worth exploring.

Set the Mood

BugFirst I’d like to point you in the direction of Bug’s Soundcloud. Maybe go listen to a tune or two while reading this! Bug has released various albums online, including ones through participating in the RPM Challenge. He is constantly expanding and experimenting so categorizing him into one genre would be a challenge, though these days he is making lo-fi chill beats. His music is created with both digital programs and analog instruments, often merging the two. The layers within his songs are rich and fluid. There is a relaxing movement to them and they make me think of driving along the coastline with my windows down on a sunny day.

Current Projects

When you follow Bug on Instagram, it seems there is always something cooking. I reached out to Bug to find out what he’s up to currently. Here is what he had to say:

At the time of writing, I have separate collaborative projects with six other musicians and producers that are all in various stages of completion. I’ll be releasing a new solo track in early October, and at least two of those collaborations will follow shortly afterwards. I’m always trying to learn new techniques, expand my craft, and attempting for my music to reach new people.”

Collaboration really does propel an artist forward. Not only does Bug make music, he also curates a weekly radio broadcast for Volumelithic Radio is a community-based radio project across the globe, with rotating hosts. It is a volunteer-based initiative that plays a broad range of genres and interviews.  

I asked Bug what other musical endeavors is he working on. He stated:

I’ve recently joined a few like-minded musicians in forming High Peaks Collective, a group of eleven producers from North America and Europe working together to create and promote music.”

Ok, but why Bug?

I have been lucky enough to work with Bug before, and he has provided TONS of music for the Creative Guts Podcast, as well as for some of my Artful Harper Studios videos. In all the time that I’ve known him, I never thought to ask why the name Bug. So it felt time to ask that question. 

Unfortunately, it’s a bit of a boring answer: someone suggested it to me. It’s also one of the nicknames I have for my cat, so the more romantic answer would be that I’m honoring her in some way.”

Collaborate and Listen

Bug seems to be always connecting with others creatively. Not only that, he is an advocate and supporter of other artists. There is no competition or desire to steal the spotlight. He shares generously. That trait, paired with his explorative music style, is why you should listen to Bug.

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