Atlas Obscura’s Guide to “Hidden New Hampshire”

If you’ve read any of my previous blog posts, then you already know how much I love exploring new things and new places. My strategy tends to be this: do a little research, find something that makes me say “WOAH! COOL!” and then check it out firsthand. So, a few days ago, I used Google and searched for “hidden gems in New Hampshire.” As you can imagine, I had plenty to sift through; however, one website really caught my attention. It’s called Atlas Obscura.

As it says on their “About Us” page, “Atlas Obscura is a collaborative project. We depend on our far-flung community of explorers (like you!) to help us discover amazing, hidden spots, and share them with the world. If you know of a curious place that’s not already in the Atlas, let us know.” … Awesome and brilliant idea, right?!

Although this is a website about “hidden spots” throughout “the world,” they have a guide dedicated to New Hampshire which I had oodles of fun perusing (you can view it here). Since I live in the Seacoast region, I looked for attractions nearby and found many that I intend to explore firsthand. For example, I learned about a museum in Hampton called the Tuck Museum where they have ashes of a convicted witch from the 17th century!

While I loved learning about attractions like the Tuck Museum, I couldn’t help but feel like there’s SO much more that could be added to New Hampshire’s guide. As you can see below, here is the list of cities they currently have profiles for:

As a Dover resident, I was obviously bummed to see it missing from the list; however, guess what? I can change that! I have a specific “hidden spot” in mind that I intend on submitting. In order to build suspense, I’ve inserted a picture of it below, but you’ll have to check their website later to get the details. (By the way, because I’ve never submitted anything to their website; I, unfortunately, have zero information about how easy/hard it is.)

Better yet, if there’s a “hidden spot” you know of in New Hampshire that you’d like to share with the world, then I encourage you to submit it! Let’s grow Atlas Obscura’s guide to “Hidden New Hampshire” together!

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