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Happy Spring Cleaning!

So you may not have realized it, but the spring season began this week. I know, it’s hard to believe given that we just recovered from another snowstorm. (Although, I can’t remember a spring we’ve had up here in New Hampshire when there weren’t mountains of snow piled up on my lawn… but I digress…) […]

White Mountains

Bored This Weekend? Take A Roadtrip On The White Mountain Trail

This past weekend, my fiancé and I embarked on a trip up to the White Mountains – the perfect wintertime weekend getaway – and we drove along the White Mountains Trail. And we could see why it’s been designated a national scenic byway. Its up-and-down course explores the unspoiled depths of the 800,000 acre White Mountain […]


The Best Sledding Spot In New Hampshire

If you’ve been keeping a watch on the state’s weather forecast, you’ve heard that we’re expecting to get slammed with an epic snowstorm this weekend. The state Emergency Operations Center is already preparing, snow plows are at the ready, and the meteorologists are predicting 18 to 24 inches over Friday night. Now, I’m sure that skiers all across […]

Do you have a NH Resolution?

I never saw the Old Man in the Mountain. Or at least, not in person. Having grown up in southern New Hampshire, just a short two hour ride to the White Mountains, people have always been surprised to hear that I never saw the infamous profile of the Old Man before his collapse in 2003. […]