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NH Ink

My friends and I were recently talking about tattoos. While discussing what our next ink will look like, I wondered how many tattoos are out there that are NH inspired. I went to high school with a guy who had β€œLive Free or Die” on his arm and another with an outline of the Granite […]


My NH Resolutions

Ah yes, it’s the new year. The gyms are crowded, cigarettes have been flushed down the toilet, savings accounts have been created, and many other resolutions have been made. New year, new me, yada yada yada. Well, in true Stay Work Play spirit, here are 3 NH resolutions for 2014! Since I only lasted 4 […]


The Tree

Every year it’s the same. We hop in the car the day after Thanksgiving and head over to Rossview Farm to tag our tree. It’s the hunt of the perfect evergreen, waiting until the day you can strap it to the roof of your car and the first time it’s lit up with ornaments that […]


NH Grateful

You’ve seen it. All of the Facebook posts this month. Everyone declaring what they’re grateful for on a daily basis. They say you should start every day with a grateful heart. Corny, right? Well, I wonder (even the half glass empty part of me) why we don’t have it engrained in us to say what […]


Juice Me

Since I’m Concord born and bred, I get really excited when new shops and restaurants open in town. Not only is it great for our local economy but it makes adds to Concord’s character. Unfortunately, some spots come and go but I have a good feeling about Concord’s newest brick and mortar. Live Juice opened […]


Forget the foliage

You know what I like about fall? The TV line-up. Yeah, you heard me – forget the foliage, apple picking & smell of wood stoves. For all you people without cable (thanks roomies), I feel sorry for you. Luckily there’s a thing called the world wide web to keep you in the loop. Set your […]


Grinding since I was 15.

I’m considered a Millennial. You know… The Worst, Most Entitled, Most Spoiled Generation in the History of Humankind. But I just wanted to point out that I’ve been grinding since I was 15 – you know, WORKING. Sure, I love a good nap, weekends off & a fat paycheck but who doesn’t?! Just because I […]