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It's an insect, but it's pretty!

Color Me Happy!

I have always and will always love to color! There are studies and scientific findings that show coloring can be very good for you! It is closely related to meditation. I know it’s relaxing, which is why I have never stopped coloring. I brought my coloring books and crayons to college and have always had […]

Jack & Buddy go trick or treating :-)

There She Is!

So I was having this funny thought today. It is kind of related to small town NH, but I think it rings true in any small town USA. In a small town there are people that are “known” for one thing or another. Sometimes it’s a good thing and sometimes it’s not so great. There […]

Buddy is thankful for a warm house.


I am going to risk being labeled as “corny”, “cheesy” etc., with this post, but I am ok with that. Thanksgiving is here and we are headed into the entire holiday season, and I have some strong feelings about this time of year. For many people, November is a time to reflect on the things […]