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Blogging: Good for your health

I remember each summer growing up as a kid when my mom, who is a teacher, always made me keep a journal and read what felt like a million books. For some reason I always preferred to write rather than read. I even enjoyed writing so much that it came to a point that I asked my […]


You Can’t Take It With You

Mr. Anthony Kirby Jr. is the Vice President of Kirby Company, a large financial services firm in Wall Street.  He graduated from Cambridge, travelled much of the world, and now works for the family business, Kirby Company.  He is about 28 years old and is one of those genuine, good-hearted, non-judging, ethical young gentlemen who […]


Life in a Vacation Town

You can probably gather from many of my previous posts that I enjoy “staying, working, and playing” in New Hampshire. A huge part of that has to do with the town that I live in. To put this all into perspective, I’ll back up a few steps. Upon graduating from Plymouth State University in 2011, I imagined […]


Peace and quiet

Thanks for visiting – come back soon! As winter vacation comes to an end, our towns begin to return to the peace and quiet that we all admire so much. As fellow Stay Work Play blogger Griffin LaFleur and myself have made reference to many times, our state attracts approximately 6 million vacationers each year! […]


Last week, I attended a Leadership conference in Los Angeles. At the conference we learned several interesting aspects of a leader, and how to be a more effective leader.  Below is a piece of the seminar that I found very interesting and felt applied in some ways to Stay Work Play. The below section is […]