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New England Brewfest: A North Country Beer Extravaganza

As an increasingly protean beer industry continues to evolve into whatever it’s going to be next, it’s always important to remember the importance of gathering together with friends and just drinking a few beers. That’s been a familiar pastime for millennia. Speaking of familiarity, one of New England’s oldest beers festivals takes place right here […]

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Counting Down to the 3rd Annual New Hampshire Craft Beer Week!

We talk a lot about beer in this “Stay Brew Play” blog. I’ll cop to it; this blog exists to promote the New Hampshire Beer-o-sphere, which makes this month’s installment a grand slam. Why the un-Granite State-like cockiness? New Hampshire Craft Beer Week (March 31-April 8) begins at the end of this month and there’s literally […]


NH Beer Goes Hollywood in Concord!

The SNOB Film Festival/New England Indie Fest happens every November at Concord’s Red River Theatres, one of the Granite State’s top cinema centers. SNOB stands for “Somewhat North of Boston,” and the four day festival has evolved overtime to include all things independent. Not only indie films are celebrated, but indie music, and local, indie beer! […]