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No-Dig Gardening?

I first got into gardening in my mid-twenties when I shared a small plot in a community garden in Washington, DC with a friend. I’ve learned a lot over the years and I usually have a decent garden. But I hate, hate, hate prepping the soil. Tilling, digging, ugh. Especially in NH where there are […]

driving the GHOST

Kids and Science

I recently had the opportunity to see some amazing technologies being developed here in NH. Last week, I got to see the GHOST Boat at Juliet Marine Systems in Portsmouth and this week I went to the huge ribbon cutting ceremony for Albany International and Safran in Rochester. It was really cool to see these […]



My son seems to be very interested in chemistry these days. He’s always asking me if he can mix up the most random ingredients and bringing me weird things like a sopping wet, torn up wrapping paper roll covered in finger paint and saying, “Mom, can I put this in the freezer? I want to […]