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4 Days with Leadership Lakes Region [Part I]

This past October, along with 24 other ambitious leaders, I embarked on Leadership Lakes Region, an organization dedicated to community improvement by developing volunteer leaders that want to impact the success of our region. Now, several months later, I’m about 60% of the way through the program and I dread the end of this journey. […]

Lakes Region Crates

3 Lakes Region Places to Find Antiques to Renovate

Do you have the DIY-itch? Are you constantly searching Apartment Therapy for creative rehab ideas? I’ve found myself spending wasted hours trying to find projects or pieces to incorporate into my home and then struggling to find a low-priced piece of furniture or fixture to rehab. I really want to invest the time on personalizing a piece […]


3 Photos in the Evolving Town of Tamworth

Recently, I’ve made a few trips up to Tamworth due to its proximity to a family cabin in Sandwich. To my surprise, this small town is evolving into an amazing, nostalgia-invoking retreat. Don’t blink, or you might miss it, it’s tucked away near the base of Mount Chocorua between Sandwich and Conway featuring a short Main […]

community college

4 Reasons to Attend Community College in the Lakes Region

Being actively involved in the Lakes Region community, I’ve come to know many community college students living and working in Laconia and the surrounding areas. I’m consistently impressed by their interest in the community, level of professionalism and commitment to education. Many students juggle multiple priorities from working full-time, studying full-time and often managing the commitments of a […]


Behind the Scenes: Greater Lakes Region Children’s Auction 2015

If you’re in the Lakes Region, the chances of you hearing about the Greater Lakes Region Children’s Auction are high in mid-December and even year round. The Children’s Auction is a time to support your community and also do some holiday shopping. The 5-day event raises funds for a range of community-based organizations throughout Central […]