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NHPR Brings the Outside In

Today marks the last day of the first season of NHPR’s new radio show, OUTSIDE/IN. Whether you’ve been a fan of the show since its early podcast days, or you only discovered it because you were expecting Terry Gross to come on the air at 3PM for the last four Fridays, you know that in […]


Farmers’ Market Season Begins

Tomorrow marks the day when Concord’s Farmers’ Market goes back outside, returning to its rightful place on Capitol Street alongside the State House, and I couldn’t be happier. Every year, the first day of the Concord Farmers’ Market feels like a rebirth. It’s a morning when residents from Concord and its surrounding towns, come out to […]


NHPR and CYPN: The Primary Partnership

This past New Hampshire primary season, there was a new sound that seemed to rise above the din that was 24/7 Primary coverage. It was the sound of a new partnership between between New Hampshire Public Radio and the Concord Young Professionals Network. The sound itself was actually an insightful and inquisitive chorus of voices […]


Observations on New Hampshire Weather Conversations

Granite Staters love to talk about the weather. So much so, that our urge to discuss it often overtakes our typical conversation niceties. Depending on the time of year, “Hi,” is typically followed by some variation of “some weather out there huh?” Residents of fair-weather climes, might translate this as, “I don’t really care how you’re […]