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Networking, Telescopes…And Yoga?

The Modern New Hampshire Library With e-books and streaming services on the rise, it’s easy to wonder how libraries fit into the picture. However, in New Hampshire’s libraries, books are just the beginning. Our public libraries provide meeting space for clubs, committees, and commissions. They facilitate civil discourse through forums and other forms of community conversation. […]

Book and hat

Summer Reads Set in NH

I love comparing my impression of New Hampshire to descriptions that I read in books. Maybe it’s a book nerd thing. Maybe it’s curiosity. Either way, it makes for an interesting exercise. And, if you live in New Hampshire, you have to read at least one book that’s set in the state, right? In honor of […]

NH Podcasts

Live Free & Listen: NH Podcasts

These days we think a lot about shopping and eating local. But, what about our digital media? Why not make that local too? As a big time podcast junkie, I’ve discovered that there’s a New Hampshire made podcast for practically everyone—from knitters to anglers. You don’t believe me? Check these out… NH Knits Broadcasting under […]