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Where Meat Dreams Come True

Around this time each year I develop an obsession with authentic barbecue food. I have dreams of meats slow cooking for hours over aromatic wood piles – which either makes me a dedicated foodie or means there is a Labrador Retriever somewhere in my family tree. Fortunately, a friend’s recommendation turned my dreams into reality […]


Holiday Spirits

Most would agree the best part of July 4th is when your neighbor, with no discernable background in pyrotechnics, sets up a backyard fireworks display for the ages. Somehow the flimsy cardboard box full of loose fireworks nearly matches the Boston Pops once lit. Even long-time favorite apple pie begrudgingly tips its crumbly pie crust […]


Wake Up Call

On Tuesday the thermostat in my car hit close to 90, and brought with it a startling realization – beach season is well under way, folks. In fact, beach season started weeks ago. I’m not suggesting you take tomorrow off and dig your favorite sandcastle kit out of the attic for an impromptu trip to […]


New Month’s Resolution

Remember those exciting and inspiring New Year’s resolutions we made a month ago? Me neither. Not the specifics anyway. Something about replacing things that are fun with things that aren’t fun. Fortunately with February right around the corner we can bury those radical ideas in the past and drop the guilt of nonperformance. We’re about […]


Give Turkeys Halloween Back

For humans the scariest aspect of Halloween is finding the right costume. There are too many to choose from, and we’re often faced with the conundrum of whether the monkey suit is work-party appropriate. It’s a tough holiday, but comparatively we have it easy. For turkeys the scariest aspect of Halloween is that Thanksgiving is […]