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Givin’ Back in the Granite State

I want to get involved in something meaningful, but I don’t know where to start. –Young Professionals We need younger volunteers and board members! –Nonprofit organizations I’m sure many of you have heard this, or similar variations. I certainly have. In fact, 10 years ago, before I started volunteering, I didn’t know where to start […]

Marshall with FMF logo

Meet Marshall Crane – A boomerang NH native who’s running a country club, a nonprofit organization, and The Boston Marathon. #RunMarshallRun

Marshall Crane is the General Manager of Lake Sunapee Country Club and Founder/President of the Frank Monahan Foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides assistance in the betterment of the lives and athletic experiences of the youth of Concord, NH and surrounding communities and continue the legacy built by Coach Frank Monahan, a former coach at […]

Welcome sign

“In order to love your neighbor, you have to know your neighbor”

What happens when people actually sit together, chat, listen and share stories Relationships are built, misconceptions are cleared up, common ground is established and the community strengthens. Recently in Concord, after seeing multiple local online forums with increasingly racist, xenophobic and hateful overtones, a group of people got together to address the situation. The first […]