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Choices & Our Kids

Have you ever given thought to how your media choices affect your children? Most parents censors what their kids can and can’t watch on television, the iPad, movies etc., but have you ever really thought about how those choices resonate with your kids? Recently on a freezing cold Sunday afternoon we decided to pop up some […]


The Number 1 Tip For Winter Family Fun

In a previous post, I said something along the lines of “don’t hibernate unless you are a bear” meaning get outside and enjoy winter… I want to elaborate further on that and offer some tips/tricks for enjoying winter fun with a family. These tips are specifically families with young-ish children. Winter activities are very different […]


Working: A Few Thoughts

As we embark on this very “short” week before Thanksgiving I wanted to take a moment and talk about work and working. Have you ever had a job that you loathe? Something that you just did for a paycheck or benefits? Or is the inverse true? Have you always had a job you loved? I […]