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Happy Spring!

To kick-off spring in a unique way (especially given yesterday’s storm) we decided to do something fun with our ongoing bloggers. We asked them all the same question: Tell me one thing you are going to do this spring in NH that you have never done before. Their responses are below. See if you can guess […]


The newest family on the block

Hopefully by now you have read at least one of our blog posts. One of my favorite things about Stay Work Play in general, but especially this project, is that we are really trying to share information (stories, tips, news, etc.) that would be of interest to our target demographic; 20 and 30 somethings. Plain […]


  Welcome! Stay Work Play’s goal is to encourage more young workers to “Stay, Work and Play” in New Hampshire. We look forward to sharing fun and useful information with you via our new tumblr page!