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Café Crawl…A Conclusion. For Now.

As promised this post is about lunch…mostly. This luncheon post focuses on two restaurants with the same founding man, Roi Shpindler. They are The Bridge Cafe (which has since been bought by someone else) in Manchester and Pressed Cafe in Nashua. I first came across The Bridge on “order out Wednesday,” our weekly tradition to get us through the […]


Café Crawl

This blog post was originally going to start out as just a weekly blog post but has turned into something a little different. I have recently found myself at various Cafés the past few weeks, some new and some that I’ve revisited, for breakfast and lunch. Therefore I have decided to write a few posts […]


A Christmas Memory

We are in the final stretch of the Holiday season and this past weekend I went out with my family to buy our tree! While driving to get our tree I couldn’t help but think about the Stevie Wonder song, “Everyone’s a kid at Christmas time.” Christmas has always been my favorite Holiday, and I […]


DIY Gift Ideas

The non-stop Christmas music has begun which means we really have to buckle down and get ready for Holiday gift giving! Over the past few years I have taken to making a lot of gifts because it is cheaper and it gives me something I can do while watching a Holiday movie or listening to Christmas […]