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Evil Monkey

Valuable (albeit also entertaining) Advice for “Young” “Professionals”

So I’ve been quasi-addicted to Thought Catalog recently, thanks to reposts up the wazoo (I’m pointing my finger at you, Alyssa). Yes, it does a number on your work output if you find a great chain of posts, but I like to think that reading these ramblings is good for the mind… it’s good for […]


What do you mean, you don’t like beer?

I’m not talking about Bud Light. I’m talking about real, flavorful beer. Well, Jon and I love it- Strange Brew and Murphy’s are always on the top of our list simply for the great tap selection. No, those aren’t rabbit droppings or wood pellets—they’re hops (beer seeds, if you will). We have been saying we were going to start […]


This one’s for the dogs

This may be short & lame, but you’ll get great referrals nonetheless. I’m gonna start by piggybacking off of Erin’s post where she introduces Meetup. After reading her blog I signed up and discovered some great groups. One in particular is comprised of a handful of experienced hikers/NH aficionados/dog lovers. They organize at least two […]