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Hibernating is for bears

The title of this post refers to a revelation I had a couple weeks ago; the ensuing content narrates my post-revelation adventures. Since I can remember I’ve been pretty useless in the winter months. I’ve done it all- wondering why I live in New England, thinking about moving, going on vacation, closing my eyes- everything […]


The fruitcake of blogs

Despite the fact that I don’t partake in any winter sports besides snowball fighting, and that I prefer to be sweating rather than shivering, this is definitely my favorite time of the year. For me it’s the wonderful mix of kids behaving to impress the jolly man, lights EVERYWHERE, the dog’s reaction to his first […]


Walk it like you talk it

Working at EVR I’ve had the pleasure of helping with multiple branding projects- whether it’s naming, logo design, color palette, tone of voice, yadda yadda yadda. Once our brand doc has changed hands our job becomes centered on preserving all that document entails. Deviation can take away from that ultimate goal of branding. Whether we […]


The calm before the Sandy

I’m currently sitting on the couch with Yaz at my feet- we are braving the storm together (yes I’m cutting it close to my deadline, but YOLO, right?!) The past two weeks for me were stereotypical “New Hampshire”, and I’m not mad in the least. Raking, bonfire, politics, bonfire, raking. Unintentionally palindromic, intentionally awesome. This […]

A bucket list for NH

I first heard about Stay Work Play a couple months ago, but wish it had been much earlier. First, a little about myself- I graduated from Saint Anselm College on May 18th and about 18 hours after I retired the cap and gown, picked up my adorable teddy bear look-a-like puppy. I named him Yaz. […]