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Week #2 Half Share

Looking for Affordable, Local Food?

Look no further. There are dozens of CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture) throughout the state. Seacoast Eat Local provides a list here. CSAs aren’t just for overzealous parents or foodies; they are a relatively inexpensive alternative to less-than-colorful and less-than-flavorful grocery store produce. I always thought that farm shares were out of my league. What kind […]

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Secret Beach

I’m on the fence about writing this post. On the one hand, I would like to share the wonders of Secret Beach with our dear readers. On the other hand, I would prefer to have Secret Beach all to myself after a hard day’s work. Today, lucky readers, my egalitarian impulses trump my sipping-a-daiquiri-on-the-beach-alone daydreams. […]

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The Settlers of Can’t (Catan)

Rainy weather cramping your style? Frustrated by slim pickings this election year? Imagine transporting yourself to a world where flocks of sheep roam free and you benevolently rule over bustling settlements full of adoring peasants. And no, I’m not talking about New Zealand. The Settlers of Catan, colloquially referred to as “The Settlers of Can’t” […]