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Manchester an emerging bargain for millennials

Tech, taxes, and housing make the city a great place to live after college Ever watch a sitcom and wonder how artists in their twenties afford spacious downtown apartments? You’re not alone. Downtown living in major U.S. cities can force a price compromise for millennials hoping to experience the downtown life after college, but areas in […]


As New Hampshire ages, opportunity emerges for millennials

With a median age of 42.8, New Hampshire has the second oldest population in the United States, which can sometimes be alienating for young job seekers who don’t have a lot of work experience. That said, opportunity will emerge for the younger generation as previous generations (particularly Baby Boomers) retire out of the workforce. An […]

New Hampshire mortgages

Moving Out in New Hampshire: Make $46,300 or Find a Roommate

Forget about student debt for a minute—the statewide median cost to rent a two-bedroom apartment in New Hampshire is $1,157 a month by itself, requiring a household income of $46,300. New Hampshire Housing’s Annual Residential Rent Cost Survey found that rents in the state increased nearly 15 percent over the last five years. Incomes haven’t. […]