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photo by Michael Benson

Wildfires Everywhere

On the morning of July 26th, I woke up for my normal morning commute. This morning seemed different however, the air felt heavy and as my partner and I drove into work that morning we noticed a thick fog covered the road. We would find out later that this wasn’t fog at all, but actually […]


Composting 101

A lot of us have heard the three pillars of living sustainably – Reduce, Re-use, and Recycle. What some of us may not know is the fourth pillar … Rot! Composting, baby. Ah yes, that sweet sweet dirt. So what is composting and why should we do it? Instead of tossing organic materials into the […]


7 Things You Can Do to Help the Planet

Like so many people, I’ve been noticing my carbon footprint more and more. After taking an environmental science class last semester, I increasingly became more aware of my environmental impact everywhere. I saw it every time I threw something away or anytime I left a light on. I began to see plastic in everything, everywhere. […]