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Meet One of Our 2014 “Coolest Companies for Young Professionals”

WS Badger How did you feel when WS Badger was named Coolest Company for Young Professionals? Surprised and pleased! Although, I already knew that my co-workers were cool. How does Badger recruit its young professional employees? We use word of mouth, talk about our mission and sustainably-minded practices, promote being a B Corp, and share […]


Meet Our 2014 “Leadership Development Program of the Year”

Leadership College What is the Leadership College program (for people who don’t know)? Leadership College is a program designed to inform student leaders about the opportunities available to them here in the Granite State. It is over a weekend during the school year and attracts participants at higher education institutions across the state. What was […]

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Meet One of Our 2014 “Coolest Companies for Young Professionals”

Calypso Communications What is it about your company’s culture that attracts young professionals? As a young professional at Calypso, I am empowered to make decisions to effect change within the company, and I’m constantly pulled out of my comfort zone with challenging assignments that ultimately lead to professional growth. How does Calypso promote a work-life-balance? […]