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Tuition Dollars for College Students in NH

New Tuition Dollars for College Students Because of the pandemic, college students have hit additional financial barriers to continuing their education. As a result, students are taking fewer credits, or taking time off. However, the new federal stimulus can help. The Tuition Assistance through the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations (CRRSA) Act can provide […]

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Managing Stress

Students of all ages are dealing with new levels of stress, and as the pandemic wears on many teachers have incorporated de-stressing activities into the day. Stress might be harder to identify in young learners. According to the World Health Organization, children may show their stress by being more clingy, anxious, withdrawn, or agitated. Even […]

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Remote Kindergarten in a Pandemic

I am working remotely, alongside my daughter who is enrolled in a school that is 100 percent remote. Now 4 weeks in, we’re getting used to a routine of live video lessons and independent work via Google Classroom. Every week, she has math, science, art, and music on rotation. And everyday students have morning meeting […]

Admissions staff serve students remotely and in-person ahead of fall 2020.

Free Tuition Announced at NH’s Community College – But What Does That Mean?

In July, the Community College System of New Hampshire announced tuition and fees relief for new and returning students who have been financially impacted by COVID-19. And the “financial impact” piece can mean a range of things; from being furloughed, to having increased food and utility costs because children are spending more time at home. […]

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Schools Draft Fall Plans

In June, I read one of the most encouraging reports about a safe return to campus since the start of the pandemic. It described how daycare programs that stayed open for essential workers have successfully avoided outbreaks. However, the measures needed for success; such as keeping children in “pods” of 8, and isolating pods from each […]

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NH Education Goes Online

It’s an interesting time in education. As we all know, New Hampshire leaders have asked us to stay home through May 4 to slow the spread of COVID-19. This means keeping up with school online to the best of our abilities. Now, we’re all about a month in to our “new normal.” So, how’s it […]