Baked with Love

On a rainy day earlier this month, my supervisor and I were looking for a cozy place to have lunch in Concord. In the middle of a chaotic week, we were searching for something that would be quick, tasty, and comfortable. We stopped into Baked Cafe & Bakery in the Heights area of Concord. Relaxing music was playing in the background as we entered and placed our orders. There was plenty of space to eat, including a secondary room with additional seating. Their bakery items look positively scrumptious – from whoopie pies, to macaroons, to stuffed cupcakes, to cookies…you name it, they’ve got it!

They boast a variety of drinks, breakfast and lunch food, and baked goods. They have many flavored coffees, both hot and cold, set up off to the side to choose from. Their drinks options include espresso, smoothies, and teas. It is a bit difficult to choose between their soups, salads, and sandwiches. I ordered the Hippie Veggie panini, which features grilled portobello mushrooms, other vegetables, and mozzarella – yum! And of course, I chose the homemade baked chips, which are incredibly flavorful and leave you in want of another order! My supervisor and one of our volunteers chose the fowl garden soup, a chicken and vegetable soup, with a side of bread.

Baked started in 2008 – they have a location in Manchester, and I hear they have a new location in Plymouth as well! Whether you try Concord, or Manchester, or Plymouth, you’re bound to eat a delicious meal, from drinks through dessert!

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