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Think about junior high or high school for a moment. I know, even now, you can easily picture your best friend. The one you shared everything with for those years. Now, try and picture the same school, the same YOU, without that special friend. Hard to imagine, isn’t it? For some, this reality is far too familiar.

New Hampshire is an awesome state, with awesome schools, and dedicated teachers. And as far as inclusion goes, we are one of the states that get it right! We believe in inclusion and most of our schools are proof of this belief! But, think about this. What good is inclusion if the child with a disability is “included” in his/her classes and activities with peers but has no real friends? I can only imagine it hurts just as much as being physically isolated does. This is where Best Buddies comes in! We help facilitate “School Friendship Programs” in New Hampshire where kids with disabilities are paired with their peers in a 1:1 friendship! What starts as a “match” has the potential to blossom into a real friendship! We now have 30 schools throughout the state with friendship programs where kids with and without disabilities are learning about each other, growing together and becoming better people.

We are looking for people who are committed to New Hampshire – to making it a better place to live and to raise a family. We are looking for people who believe that every person, regardless of ability or “disability” has the same human rights and needs and deserves the same life experiences.

We are hosting our “Champion of the Year” Gala on November 4th in Manchester. For this event, we will nominate 15 people from across the state, to participate in a very special way. We are looking for dedicated, hardworking, passionate individuals who want to make a difference and can work with us on a special campaign from August 24th thru November 4th. The winner of this contest wins a trip for two to NYC (airfare and hotel.) But most importantly, this is an experience you will never forget. Interested? Please contact me to learn more at

Sarra Dennehy is the State Director for Best Buddies New Hampshire, a state affiliate of the international Non-Profit whose main vision is ending the social and physical isolation of people with Intellectual and Developmental Delays (IDD.) In this role, Sarra leads the state in an effort to ensure that all individuals with IDD have equal access to friendships, advocacy training, education and quality jobs.

Prior to joining Best Buddies, Sarra spent many years working as a fundraiser with Congressional campaigns and graduated with a degree in Political Science. The years in DC taught her the skills needed to successfully fundraise and now she is putting those skills to work helping to make New Hampshire a more inclusive state.


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